Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pictures And Explanations

I've been pretty incapable of uploading pictures, but instead of catching up, I'm just going to start somewhere, give you dates and situations and hope that context aids comprehension.

A Delicious Wedding with Ibu and Zana (when she was still in Malaysia, sometime in November...

Putra Jaya by night, the suspension bridge is all lit up with these changing neon-flourescent things, I caught it in between purple and blue, so it's all alien in this picture.

KL by day- the towers are a big part of living in KL, I use them to judge where I am and the little girl scout finds her way home :)

The SSEAYP kids came and left on this HUGE ship, and we got to wave them off from the dock with a tour.

A beautiful little Chinese temple a few days before the New Year- the prayers were mysterious and smoky, the processions were auspicious-seeming and everything was fantastic!

Ibu's royal kampung at Negeri Sembilan- a very large house, we gave ourselves a tour and saw the absence of nails (haha)

That same day at Ibu's uncle's house, he's got a rambutan orchard! Yellom and red and so delicious

With my Chinese New Year host family, the first day, preparing the light lunch so we could eat a huge dinner. That's a cousin and an auntie and an uncle and long grain rice and spring rolls :)

Mmmmmm. Something familiar making me drool, though it was served with shark fin soup.

With my Chinese New Year host parents- the Tan family was kind enough to take me in an around- this is us in Penang at a university I am seriously considering to do more research on :)

A gigantic, gorgeous temple in Penang, all decked out for the New Year, complete with lanterns flooding the place with flattering red light!
An awkward picture of me performing at my school's fundraiser dinner, completely capturing the awkward situation. I played 'Rasa Sayang', a traditional Malay song, and 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz because it was popular and the band that was there could back me up.

This is a snapshot of a wedding I attended today, themed in flowers which were tastefully everywhere. It was so beautiful, and everyone is always so happy at weddings I couldn't have NOT had fun if I tried.

The wedding set before everyone came in, the stage all set and ready to recieve all the well-wishers.

Easily the most incredible Silat performance I have ever witnessed. Silat is a traditional martial art resembling a dance in which partners spar and flip over eachother in a very rhythmic, artful fashion. And this one had a 7-year-old kid with his own routine. The performers are from a troop and dressed in the fighter's uniform. 

Well, that's all for now, all caught up until today. Whew. So much has gone on since November that I wasn't able to capture on my camera, I'll steal these photos from a friend with a professional camera before I return to the states. I hope these pictures are a decent representation of what-the-heck I'm doing way over here. This past Wednesday I dropped off 25 letters to fly to my home country, hopefully they arrive sooner rather than later.
See You Soon,

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