Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pictures! The Mall, Bazaar Ramadan, Kelantan, Kampung

This time, It's just pictures and descriptions!

At KLCC, the train station in the city, Kuala Lumpur

At a shopping complex called 'The Mines' because it lies right where the mining took place. Inside the mall is a river that you can take boat rides on. It's nearly empty in this picture because it's nearly one in the morning.

AAHHHH! JIGSAW PUZZLES!!! My nerd-dom has been fulfilled

A little Japanese-themed shop in the Mall

A Kuala Lumpur Skyline!

A pretty fountain; that's the national flower and it's painted everywhere!

A dress I saw at a costume place. I wish I'd designed it!

A nice lady selling peacock feathers!

Ramadan Bazaar food piled high! These are some pastries with meat and other fillings

Busy, busy, busy at the bazaar!

The whole place was very smoky and smelled so much of food! Good thing we only had a few more minutes to breaking fast :)

Drinks are sold from large, clear buckets and poured into little baggies which are sold. You probably shouldn't drink from the baggie, but you can pour it into a cup!

Who's awesome? This guy right here. He's cutting up some branches like a boss

This was an animal, but now it's meat. Most are cooked rotissery style, here.
Most of the view from the car on the ride to Kelantan. Not the most exciting 14 hours of my life, but the scenery was nice!

Restaurant meal, white rice, chicken curry, a small salad and some soy bean pastry

An Indonesian restaurant dish, complete with fish, yellow rice, and small salad. All served on a banana leaf on a wooden bowl. Sedap!

Some pretty potted plants at the home in Kelantan

A very nice mosque we stopped at on the way to Kelantan. It's better to make bathroom stops there, especially during Ramadan. If you stopped at a Shell station, you'd have the temptation to buy food.

An equally beautiful mosque. This one had amazing architecture, the pillars and towers and domes made for a magnificent sight, all highlighted in that robins egg blue.

In Kelantan, the National Tourism House

The Entrance Sign to a Marketplace.

Food at the Marketplace. It's a very famous open market in Kelantan that's 5 levels high and REALLY BIG

Vendors sit in the middle of their wares, in this case fruits and veggies. She's on the table, there.

This was a little gruesome. If you can't tell, it's dead chickens complete with feet and head. They are sometimes used in cooking, those appendages.

An overhead view of the wet market

The many levels of the Market!!!

The upper levels sold things like cloth, clothing and toys.

Nice bicycle man took us for a ride courtesy of Pappa Roslan. That was incredibly dangerous :)

Buka Puasa (breaking fast) at the house, everything looks so delicious!!

Me and some illegal fireworks. I'm in the hitam/kuning shirt of Malaysian football players!

The omnipresent sweets of Hari Raya! Selamat Adilfitri Malaysia!

The house's open food, celebrating the option to eat with open houses where everyone eats till they're fat!

The extended family!! I'm the one in the middle, back. Everyone's so nice!

Dinner at another house, the open house feast goes on!

All of us at another open house, we travel in a caravan, a cartel of visitors :)

The process of removing the white from coconuts uses this machine and some skilled hands!

Your favorite American making Roti Jalan, an egg pastry that is wrapped up and eaten with curry and sauce.

The outside of the house, absolutely gorgeous. To the far left is a rambutan tree, to the far right is a durian tree. In the center is a koi pond and a nice little sitting area. 

Well, that's all for now. Bask in the photographs, I'm going to take some dinner. Next blog I'll tell all about Kelantan, Hari Raya, Adilfitri and Merdeka Day!


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