Sunday, June 26, 2011

Host Family and DC Preparations

I feel as though a giant burden has been lifted from my shoulders, for I have a host family! And they're fantastic!

I've got a host mom that's very involved in AFS and the community, and my host dad is also a super-volunteer! I'll fit right in! I have two host sisters, one is older and one that's younger my just a few months, and we're going to get along swimmingly. I also have two younger brothers ages ten and two, I believe. There's a maid and a house and taekwondo lessons, I'm so excited, I've forgotten the details!

They've given me some information about the school, most importantly that the school year is longer and different, so I'll be around for just a semester to them. I don't know how well my credits will transfer, but at this point I'm warming up to the idea that I might be able to come back to school and not be rushed. I mean, if my credits transfer, I'll graduate with my class. That will be that, and I'll come home to all the stresses of a senior without the accomplishment of junior year. But if only some of my credits transfer, then I could take all the classes I never could! All the arts I've had to drop because of the honors program will be open to me! Maybe I'll audition for select choir. Either way, I'm sure the colleges will look past the fact that I've spent an irregular time in my high school and notice that the year abroad means so much more.

Speaking of colleges, I've been researching my top choices and looking at their study abroad programs. I'm so sure that I'll have a fantastic experience that I want this to be the deciding factor. Also, remarkable sociology programs for international/intercultural relations are few and far between here. Embassy work is looking like a better career every day!
Tidbit: I get to wear a uniform to school! Here's a picture:

Both of these are so cute! And turquoise looks fantastic with my skin tone! Not to be shallow, I can appreciate the values they stand for and a progressive mindset that's applicable to even such permanent things as school uniforms. Look, a jumper! :)

I have all my flight information and I love talking to my host family. I have a laptop and I'll be attaching a camera to it's top pretty soon. I hope to have success with Skype!

Also, I've started putting little sticky notes all around my house with the Malay word for the item on it. It's going pretty well, and thanks to Quizlet for having those awesome memorization games and lists of common words!

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