Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blogging for Malaysia

I'd like to review my purposes for blogging, and make it pretty clear as to when and how I'll make this work. Lately there hasn't been much to say, so I skipped a week. It's not like there's nothing going on, just nothing pertaining to the Malaysia Situation. Except that I'm getting my braces off in 11 days, so I won't have to take exquisite orthodontic care, although I will have a specialized retainer with extra teeth that I will treasure more than my life (not really).

Anyway, I think I'll be a little busy those first few weeks to really write anything down, but once things get going I'll have more time for this. Not only is this blog an opportunity for me to record my progress in immersion and cultural understanding, but it will also be a reflective sort of thing. I'll be able to track how I'm feeling at certain points and maybe see some trends in my behavior. What better way to look at yourself than in a rose-tinted mirror when you've never seen yourself in any shade but green? My blogs will be full of rhetorical questions like that, imagine me talking to you in that pregnant-pause sort of way. I'll be paying special attention to my behavior and my responses to this cultural experience in these blogs, because I'll be too busy living life when it's happening. Also, when I get bored my mind wanders and sometimes I get sad about nothing at all, so I better keep myself busy.

Additionally, this blog will be used, as I have mentioned before, in my Capstone (sort of like a Senior Project). This will fulfill my journal portion and really prompt me to reflect on my progress and experiences, helping me get it done already. But I think this could be really good- recently it was suggested that I do this very well and have it published, really milk this cash cow for all she's got. But will that spoil the milk? I'll make that decision as it comes up.

This blog will probably become more regular as the experience progresses, I've got a laptop now, and I'm constantly researching. I'm learning so much, and I'm not even there yet! Speaking of learning, I hope some of my teachers and academic peers will take advantage of this stream of information, later, because I know I've been spreading the good news about Foreign Exchange and Study Abroad programs. If my culture doesn't learn about Malaysian culture, I have failed as an ambassador. So please, if you could share this blog or one of the many others that my fellow exchange students have prepared, that would be so fantastic! I've subscribed to as any other foreign exchange blogs as I could get my hands on in the recent weeks, beginning with those who are participating in my program; the YES Kennedy-Lugar AFS Foreign Exchange Program.
Thanks You Guys,

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